Do you have multiple computers in a business network or a home computer system that’s only a year or two old, and you’re thinking that upgrading their performance might be less expensive than buying a whole new package? You might be right, and there’s a quick way to tell.

Sometimes a minor investment can return big improvements in satisfaction with your system. We can provide you with all the following services, and more. Click on the Contact Us link above to make arrangements.

  • Memory (RAM): This can make a dramatic improvement in your machine’s performance, particularly if you do graphics or number-intensive work.
  • Video Card: Your machine’s performance can get a surprising boost, especially if you do graphics, audio, video, calculation, or other processor-intensive work or the current built-in video chip on your motherboard shares RAM with the rest of your system. These cards contain their own RAM chips, so they may lighten the load on the other parts of your system. See the true capabilities of the new wave of higher-resolution monitors.
  • Hard Drive: This upgrade to the heart of your system’s storage can accomplish two things:
    1. It may speed up your system (sometimes just a bit, and sometimes fairly noticeably).
    2. A second drive can let you store more data such as documents, pictures, or music, or give you protection by helping you create a simple data backup strategy.
  • CD/DVD Drive: If you presently have a drive that reads (plays) CDs only, you’ll be amazed at the scope of multimedia and storage possibilities that a drive upgrade can provide. Record and play your own music CDs and video DVDs, or back up your critical information much more quickly than on previous drives.
  • Wireless Network: Do you have two or more home or business computers, and just one Internet connection? Are you sharing documents, e-mails, and other files by moving them from machine to machine on CDs, diskettes, or external drives? Does the idea of a standard network sound intimidating because of the wiring, cutting of walls and floors, and the technical setup involved? We can supply equipment to create your wireless network, make it do wonderful things for you, and make certain that your data is protected. We’ll set up computers and peripherals in a small business or home wireless network (includes extended range router or access point, properly configured for your Internet connection, and wireless adapters as necessary for the various machines). We install all items, configure the wireless connection on each client machine, implement network security measures, and test the entire network for Internet access, file sharing, and printing.
  • Sound System: The sound elements in the typical off-the-shelf desktop computer system often seem to be treated as an afterthought. If you’ve ever heard a quality amplified speaker system, even with the sound chip or card that’s part of the original machine, you’ve probably been astounded. If phenomenal sound is an important part of your computing experience, let us impress you.

To see the greatest benefits after one or more of these upgrades, consider having a clean reinstallation of your operating system. See the Services link above.