Keep your customers connected!

If you have a business in which you have customers spending some time in your dining area, lounge, waiting room, salon, etc., perhaps you’d like to offer wireless Internet access to help them relax and get greater enjoyment from your service.

We can install a dependable wireless system designed for the area you wish to serve, and provide security appropriate for your needs.

Available packages include all the equipment required, and installation beginning at the Internet provider’s phone or cable connection inside your business.

We will:

  • Arrange for appropriate DSL or cable Internet service and equipment to be installed at your business if necessary.
  • Supply a high quality wireless router or access point with signal power appropriate for your service area, connect it to your Internet provider’s cable or DSL modem, then set up and secure the local network for your customers to use.
  • Provide and install a computer (or set up a mobile device) that will allow you to securely control access to your network by your customers, and show them an opening page with your customized message when they first connect to your network (optional).

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